The Green Anthem Project, by Julie Lyonn Lieberman

How Can I Participate?

There are at least Four Options for Participation:

Plant a Seed:
If you are a school teacher, you can offer as little or as much of the FREE Green Anthem curriculum to your students as you choose. See: What Materials Do I Need? for the Student Kit and the appropriate Teacher's Manual.

Plant a Tree:
Run a Green Anthem lyric-writing competition at your school. See Concerts and Competition. See: The Green Anthem Teacher's Manual for more details.

Plant a Grove:
Rehearse and perform The Green Anthem choral, concert band, and string orchestra scores at your school or in your community. Using The Teacher's Manual and your own expertise, you can create your own lyrics, melodic variations, and arrangement or use The Green Anthem scores. See: The Scores

Build a Forest:
Turn your local school(s) and even your community green by participating in the full Green Anthem Community Program culminating in an all-school assembly that includes the local community. Download the Student Kit, Business Sign template and appropriate Teacher's Manual on the "What Materials Do I Need?' page.

See ideas below for a school assembly and/or Green Anthem lyric-writing competition.

You can hold the Green Anthem lyric-writing competition any time you want (see Teacher's Manual) at your school.

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Please Note: If you are a parent or member of the community and want to get involved, you can:

1) Approach your local schools and tell them about The Green Anthem project;

2) Download the Student Kit and organize a community project;

2) Host a Green Anthem party at your home and discuss easy steps that you and your neighbors can take to help protect the environment. See: What Can I Do?

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— Ideas for a Green Anthem Assembly —
Earth Day is an excellent time to hold a green school assembly to mark this anniversary
or at any time that is appropriate to your school's schedule.

Inter-school Assembly (See Teacher's Manual for details …)
1) Each department in your school can present information about global warming and the environment to the student body. Make sure to include simple steps that families can take to help protect the planet. See "What Can I Do?"
2) Music students can present their original green lyrics. See Green Anthem Lyric Writing Competition in the Teacher's Manual.
3) Music students can perform single ensemble or mixed ensemble versions of The Green Anthem Scores.

Inter-community Assembly
1) Community merchants can present green changes they have made to their businesses via student contact. See Student Kit.
2) A spokesperson from your local environmental organization can give a presentation to your students. See "What Can I Do?" and scroll down for links.

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